A Professional Mailer/Autoresponder For Free

For many people the toughest part of starting a business is the budget. That’s also one of the major advantages of starting that new business online – the costs are very low and there are some excellent free services and products out there.

I came across this one kind of by accident. I’d actually done some work for a client a year or two ago, integrating their autoresponder service. I was impressed back then by just how switched on this service was. They had an excellent API and an attitude that reminded me a bit of Dreamhost. Anyone who has hosted with Dreamhost will know what I’m talking about – their newsletters were sometimes the highlight of my day/week!

Anyway, I was browsing around and someone mentioned MailChimp. I’d not been to their site for a long time so I figured it would be worth a visit to see what was happening over there. I was really surprised (and pleased) to find that they offer a free account which allows you to build a list of up to 1,000 subscribers and send up to 6,000 messages per month.

That’s perfect for anyone who is starting a business and wanting to build a mailing list. You could be sending out a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter and you’ll be well under the monthly limit.

So why would they do that and what’s the catch?

There’s no catch – it’s just smart marketing. They know that the entrepreneurs among us will build that list beyond 1,000 and move up to one of their paid accounts. Presumably if you have 1,000+ on your list you are selling the occasional product or service, so the cost will more than justify itself. For those who never build a list of 1,000 many will quit after the first month or two. So whilst there is a cost to MailChimp in providing the service I guess that cost is more than covered by the new clients that it brings them.

I’ve used quite a few autoresponders in the past including AWeber and GetResponse and I can confidentally say that MailChimp beats them hands down on features, service and… well… they are just REALLY human (if that makes any sense)!

Click HERE to get started with your free MailChimp account.

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  2. Ron says:

    i am currently using GroupMail and am very happy with their product. they also allow free use of their product as long as you do not send a list of over 100 at a time.

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