Are You A Realist?

I’m not going to pull any punches or sugar coat this question. Either you believe that success in work and life is something that requires focus, determination and hard work… or you believe in the money fairy who is going to magically drop thousands of dollars in your bank account just because you need the money.

I often quote people like Jim Rohn and Darren Hardy because they truly are realists. They enjoy amazing success because they work amazingly hard. I often listen to Jims CDs and in one of his presentations he talks about how success comes to deservers… not to needers. The old saying doesn’t go ‘if you need you will reap’ – it says ‘if you sow you will reap’. Sowing, or planting, requires that you take some action and do some work.

And yet there seem to be so many people who truly believe that rubbing a crystal or listening to a recording from some random beach will bring them good fortune – or that an hour or less of work each day is somehow going to make them rich. If that were true then surely we would live in an abundant world which had no poverty. It isn’t true though.

The truth is that there are thousands of people selling programs that you don’t need or that simply don’t work. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that they are thieves or liars but I would say that they lack integrity.

A person of integrity speaks with pride about the many peoples lives they have changed through their products and services. A person of integrity is able to demonstrate the success they and others have had from those products and services – rather than the success they have had purely from selling the products. A person of integrity doesn’t present themself as a successful person when in reality they have an empty bank account and an empty life.

I often talk about the importance of properly defining what it is you want to do and who you want to be online. If you just want to make a few dollars here and there and enjoy the company of other people online then that’s fine. But if you want to enjoy substantial success online then you have to start thinking and working like an online business owner.

You can’t afford to neglect the important relationships that can be had with other online business owners. You can’t afford to neglect the fact that it is an online business you are building and like any business you need to know how to set goals and, more importantly, how to achieve those goals. This is the reality of online business and the reason you need to be a realist in order to be successful. Despite what you may have read, there aren’t any ‘accidental millionaires’. Even those few who have had rapid and extraordinary success online started out with a unique idea. And rather than just think and ponder about that good idea, they got up off the couch and turned that idea into something tangible.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that the only pot of gold you are going to find at the end of the internet rainbow is the one that you create. The internet has made extraordinary success more accessible than ever before – for those who are prepared to get their hands dirty and work at it.

Keep it real!

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