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Take A Long Hard Look At Yourself

I’ve always found it useful to take a step back from what I’m doing every now and then and take a long hard look. I ask myself these questions each time: What is my ultimate aim online What am I

Psst… Hey Buddy! You Wanna Get Rich?

Every time I see a funky get rich quick sales page or receive a deluge of emails promoting the same ‘amazing’ product I imagine a whole lot of Internet marketers standing in a dark corner and opening their trench coats

Stompernet Got Stomped On

I feel like I really should try to keep my finger a little closer to the pulse sometimes. I’m not a member of Stompernet but I did subscribe to their magazine (The Net Effect) and CD for a while. All

Internet Marketing Deception

I’m not into complaining all that much and I never dwell on the negatives, but every once in a while I think some things are worth mentioning. If you’ve been marketing online for a while you may have seen some

Don’t Be A Pretender

I’m sure this is going to offend some people, but I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t speak my mind once in a while. At some point you really need to decide whether you are looking to build a business

Life Is Cumulative

One of the most important ‘life lessons’ I’ve learned in the past 12 months or so is that life is cumulative. Jim Rohn said that in life you have the choice to accumulate equity or regret. One of the key

Be Prepared To Say “I Was Wrong”

Marketing a business online is the last place that you want to get ‘set in your ways’. I don’t care if you’re a young buck or an ‘old dog’ – you have to be able to learn new tricks! In

Online Marketing – Who Do You Trust?

So, who do YOU trust in online marketing? That’s not an easy question to answer. It really comes down to what your perception of trust is. It’s very easy to label someone a ‘scammer’ simply because an online marketing program