Warrior Forum Review


The Warrior Forum has its good points and bad points. In this video I look at the good and the bad of the warrior forum. If you use it sensibly it can be a worthwhile source for information and marketing supplies. Beware the get rich quick bug though – it is very contagious and can

R & OS PHP PDF Library & Docs Download for CodeIgniter (ezpdf/cezpdf)

A few months ago I noticed that the R & OS website was down. I’ve been using their ezpdf and the CodeIgniter cezpdf library extensively in some of my development projects for clients. It’s one of the easiest PHP PDF libraries to use and works nicely with CI. As their site doesn’t appear to be

Work At Home Moms (& Dads) Setup Kit Part 4


Now that you have your web hosting account set up, it’s time to delve in to your web hosting control panel – CPanel. In this video we look at the main features you may want to use such as the email section to create emails and forwarders and the website statistics section. Additional documentation for

Work At Home Moms (& Dads) Setup Kit Part 3


Now that you have an idea of what you might want to sell on your website, it’s time to get started. In this video we are going to use GoDaddy to check which domains are available and then get our web hosting account set up at HostGator. HostGator is our recommended web hosting provider due

Work At Home Moms (& Dads) Setup Kit – Part 2


In this video we look at how you can set up an online business if you don’t have a product to sell. There are literally thousands of affiliate programs available that allow you to promote other peoples’ programs and receive a commission for any sales that are made via your affiliate link. In this example

Work At Home Moms (& Dads) Setup Kit – Introduction

Young Woman Sitting in Front of a Computer and Laughing

The work at home setup kit is a series of videos that show and tell you everything you need to know in order to get your home based business online. I’ve structured these videos so that ANYONE can do it – regardless of whether you are 18 or 85. So… go grab a cup of

Take Control Of Your Email (and your life)!

The subject may seem a little bit melodramatic but the truth is that while email makes our lives immeasurably easier, it can also become a burden. The problem is in keeping it organized and making it work for you rather than you doing most of the work. Some people choose to have a bazillion folders

With Amazon’s KDP Anyone Can Be An Author

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program allows anyone to become an author on the incredibly popular Kindle digital book store. KDP is a self publishing system which allows you to sell your own books through their store. In the past, publishing a book through traditional publishers could be an expensive, frustrating exercise. ┬áKDP puts you in